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Tasmania,national parks,wilderness

Narawntapu National Park

Narawntapu National Park (formerly known as Asbestos Range National Park) is a place of peace for people and wildlife alike. It stretches from the low coastal ranges to the long Bass Strait beaches. Narawntapu includes an historic farm, a complex of inlets, small islands, headlands, wetlands, dunes and lagoons, all with an amazing variety of plants and animals. Small quantities of asbestos, among other minerals, were once mined around the edges of the Asbestos Range. 

Dubbed the "Serengeti of Tasmania", the park boasts a rich array of easily observed animals that come out in the evening to graze on the grasslands. Some of the animals that you may see include the Forester kangaroo, Bennetts wallaby and common wombat. You may even catch a glimpse of a Tasmanian devil.

Narawntapu a special place to visit whether you are here for water activities, wildlife, bushwalking, beachcombing, picnicking or camping.