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Cradle Mountain accommodation,Wilmot Novelty Letterbox Trail,Wilmot Markets



  Wilmot Letterbox Trail near Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Wilmot Valley of Views

Visit Wilmot along route C132 to Cradle Mountain. Wilmot, Valley of Views, enjoys winding roads offering the best panoramic outlooks over Cradle Country. Wilmot, traditionally used for dairying and growing potatoes, lies west of  Lake Barrington. Originally, Wilmot supplied all the seed potatoes used in southern Australia. Visitors can enjoy the stunning hinterland scenery and the quirky Novelty Letterbox Trail.

Wilmot is home to the early G.J.Coles family general store, now named the Wilmot Country Store (open 7 days a week). The family of Mr George Coles (father of the founder of Coles variety chain stores) operated this general store in the same building that exists today. So, stop into the Wilmot general store to fill up with petrol, mail your postcards and gather supplies before you head off to Cradle Mountain. The Wilmot Country Store also has a bottle shop for your liquor supplies.  

Wilmot Hills Winery, Tasmania's highest altitude vineyard, produces award winning wines and spirits. Indulge in culinary delights from the Old Wilmot Bakehouse. View Wilmot history at Wilmot Museum.



  Wilmot Letterbox Trail Wilmot Letterbox Trail  Wilmot Letterbox Trail Wilmot Letterbox Trail